Low carbon steel – 1010/1015, W.10301, C10/C15

Kuličky z nízko uhlíkové oceli ČSN 12 010
Diameter range: 0,6 mm – 1”
Grades: ISO 3290 G100 – G2000

Mechanical Properties

Hardness for low carbon steel balls, as measured on the balls surface is Rockwell "C" 60 (minimum) and subject to correction factors. See chart for minimum case depth. Case depth reported is the effective case measured to the HRC 50 position (ref. ABMA Std. 10-83). Minimum thickness considerations apply to case depth.

Chemical Analysis AISI 1010

C=0.10-0.20%, Mn=0.60-0.90%, Si=0.10-0.20%, S=max 0.50%, P=max 0.040%

Mechanical Properties AISI 1010

Tensile strength: 37 Kgs/mm2
Yield strength: 30 Kgs/mm2
Modulus of elasticity: 19.693 Kgs/mm2
Hardness: HRC 60 minimum
Density: 7,850 g/cm³

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