Silicon Nitride Balls Si3N4

Silicon Nitride Balls Si3N4
Diameter range: 0,5 mm – 80 mm
Grades: ISO 3290 G3-G20
Hardness according to Vickers: < 1600(HV10)
Temperature resistance: < 1.300°C
Density: 3,21 g/cm³

Silicon Nitride

Engineered for high precision applications, silicon nitride ceramic balls deliver unsurpassed performance in critical components such as hybrid bearings.

Specified for use in such high-technology industries as aerospace and defense, high-spec ceramic balls feature these advanced characteristics:
Lightweight Silicon Nitride weighs 60% less than steel which reduces centrifugal force, skidding and wear under high speed and acceleration.
Superior Surface Finish, Ra 0. 1 7-0.25 maximum micro inches ' may extend L-10 life to as much as 100 times that of steel bearings.
High Temperature Hardness is twice that of steel. These all-ceramic balls retain their strength and hardness up to 1800 degrees F.
Silicon Nitride is further characterized by its low density of 3.2 g/cc, high flexural strength of 1.0 GPa, and fracture toughness of 6 MPa/M2.
These outstanding properties, together with manufacturing standards regarding sphericity, diameter tolerance, and surface finish, make silicon nitride balls ideal for high performance ball bearings.

Material Analysis

Material Analysis
Property/Material Silicon Nitride
Chemistry (wt%) 87% Si3N4
13% Other
Transverse RuptureStrength (kN/mm2) 0.85
Ultimate CompressiveStrength (kN/mm2) 4
Ultimate TensilStrength (kN/mm2) 0,35
Modulus ofElasticity (kN/mm2) 310
Fracture Toughness(K1c)MPa/m 6-8

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