Zirconium Oxide Balls ZrO2

Operating two to three times longer than metal or carbide in certain applications, zirconia oxide is superior in corrosive and erosive environments. Being lighter in weight also helps reduce damage to mating components.

Zirconium Oxide Balls ZrO2
Diameter range: 0,5 mm – 80 mm
Grades: ISO 3290 G5-G40
Hardness according to Vickers: 1240(HV10)
Temperature resistance: < 2400°C
Density: 6,0 g/cm³

Material Analysis

Material Analysis
Property/Material Zirconium Oxide
Chemistry (wt%) 97% ZrO2
3% MgO
Transverse RuptureStrength (kN/mm2) 0.53
Ultimate CompressiveStrength (kN/mm2) 2
Ultimate TensilStrength (kN/mm2) 0,05
Modulus ofElasticity (kN/mm2) 195
Fracture Toughness(K1c)MPa/m 10

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